Our services

D.F. Due offers a complete portfolio of services, disposing of young, dynamic and highly qualified staff and advanced equipment.
These services can be summarized in four macro-sectors described below.

BT-MT Electrical Systems

D.F. Due has an over thirty years experience during which the Company has gained countless skills in this area, focusing mainly in the electrical plants for the industry and the service sector. The Company has specialized particularly in steel production and processing systems, counting among its customers several steel industries in Italy and throughout Europe.

Renewable Energies

Over the past few years, with the booming market of renewable energies D.F. Due was up to date and has gained many experiences and expertises in this area.

  • Photovoltaic plants of civil and industrial buildings
  • Photovoltaic power stations
  • Micro wind-power plants
  • Energy storage systems

D.F. Due has realized in these years photovoltaic systems of any size, from 3-6kW of home-systems, through 100-200-700kW of industrial buildings, up to 10MW power stations in collaboration with other companies.


For over 20 years D.F. Due specialized in data transmission systems, counting on highly qualified personnel, including a degree in Telecommunications Engineering and an expert in Electronic and Telecommunications. All technicians periodically follow technical updating courses on new technologies.

For this purpose the Company has instrumentations of the highest level:

Security systems

D.F. Due designs and installs security systems, helping customers in their choice of systems suitable to their needs.

  • Alarm systems
  • Smoke and fire detection systems
  • Access control and intrusion detection systems
  • CCTV systems